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Our factory's steel mold products have strict inspection on quality
Publisher: Administrator Release time: 2016-3-18
The septic tank mold pays attention to detail during the production process, the details determine the success or failure, the poor handling of the details can easily cause the loss of the finished product, rework, a waste of time and resources. The septic tank mold should focus on quality. Starting from increasing the life of the mold, considering the cavity shape, parting surface, injection position and method, and exhaust position of the mold, it has an important impact on the accuracy, shape, complexity and physical properties of the mold. The important factor of the price is raw materials.In order to obtain more profits, some manufacturers use inferior raw materials to produce products, which leads to low product quality. We spend money to buy high-quality products. In time, its price will be slightly higher, which is also higher than quality. Poor use can not be used for a period of time. It is currently in the rising period. At this stage, the septic tank mold industry has undergone long-term development. What kind of development method should the mold enterprise adopt, which has become a problem that major mold companies actively think about. Domestic The mold industry in the world is at the low end of the world's mold industry.The emergence of such a situation is related to the low level of technology in the entire industry and the continued price war. If the industry wants to develop, it must increase R & D funds from time to time, increase scientific and technological content, and produce products with core competitiveness. In the past few years, the market competition for molds has been fierce, and it must be serious under the conditions of fierce competition. In the face of everything, we can continue to develop in the process of continuous development. The septic tank steel mold manufacturers must adhere to the sincere attitude and treat each customer, so as to promote the Chinese mold industry to the best extent. The development of septic tank molds is of high quality and low cost. The cement finished septic tanks produced using septic tank molds adopt new construction product concepts and processes, and are prefabricated at the factory and assembled on site. The cost is more than 15% -30%, which saves the developer's funds. For many years, our factory has adopted the business tenet of "Sincerity-oriented, customer-oriented, quality-oriented". The products are not only adapted to the traditional style, but also adapted to The market development needs to continue to innovate and improve. Our factory has strong technical strength and production capacity. It is a green environmental protection high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of septic tank mold equipment. The wealth of experience and mature technology.
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