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Quality has become an important symbol of the competitiveness of mold companies
Publisher: Administrator Release time: 2019-7-26
In recent years, the competition in the national manufacturing industry has become increasingly fierce. The ability of enterprises to provide personalized high-quality products to customers in a short period of time with high efficiency and low consumption has become a sign of corporate competition. The septic tank mold quality has become an important aspect, he directly affects the product quality, cost, output and product cycle and so on.
The design of the septic tank mold directly affects the quality and life of the mold, and the mold can determine the performance, accuracy, size and shape of the final plastic part. Therefore, advanced and reasonable mold design can obtain high-quality, high-quality products and bring maximum benefits to the factory. When designing a plastic mold, you need to follow the following three principles: The selection of the parting surface is reasonable. In order to allow the product and the casting system condensate to be taken out of the mold, the septic tank mold must be provided with a parting surface. The parting surface is an important factor that determines the structure of the mold.The setting of the parting surface determines the structure and manufacturing process of the septic tank mold, and affects the melt flow and demolding of the plastic parts. It is easy to pull the molded product out of the cavity, and the draft angle is necessary. The size of the slope varies depending on the shape of the molded product, the type of plastic, the mold structure, surface accuracy, and processing direction. For ordinary occasions, the appropriate slope is about 30 ′ to 1 ° 30 ′; the wall thickness is uniform, and the wall thickness of plastic parts is an important structural element. It is determined by the use requirements and process requirements, which has a great impact on the process, so it is reasonable. It is important to choose the wall thickness of the plastic part.
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