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Water cell septic tank steel mould
Water cell septic tank steel mould
The design and manufacture of steel molds for water cell septic tanks are closely related to material processing.The cost of material processing depends greatly on the effect and quality of mold design. For steel mold design of water cell septic tanks, consider the following factors: parting surface That is, the selection of the contact surface, position and form of the concave mold and the convex mold when the mold is closed is affected by factors such as the shape and appearance of the product, wall thickness, molding method, and demolding method. Structural parts, sliders for complex molds , Inclined top, straight top block, etc., and these designs are critical, related to the life of the mold and product quality. Therefore, the mold design should choose a more durable and more economical design solution. The steel septic tank steel mold has been developed to this day, in The shape does not change much.It is mainly a horizontal cylinder.The heads at both ends are generally designed with a concave and convex surface of mechanical properties.There are partitions inside the septic tank.The holes on the partitions are misaligned up and down, which is not easy to form short flow. The whole tank is divided into three parts. China's water cell septic tank mold industry has made considerable progress, but there are still many problems, mainly reflected in the irrational industrial structure, which mainly includes irrational product structure, technology Irrational structure, irrational import and export structure, etc., although there are some problems to varying degrees, but the use of water cell septic tank molds is becoming more and more frequent, and the demand of the mold industry is also constantly increasing. However, because the design and manufacturing level and capabilities of septic tank molds in China cannot fully meet the market requirements, a large part of them still rely on the import of molds, mainly some high-end mold products, and the export is indeed some low-end products, in the long run It seems that we need to reduce imports and constantly consider high-end molds to make the mold industry more reasonable.
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