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Prefabricated septic tank mould
Prefabricated septic tank mould
The prefabricated septic tank mold includes a tank body and a sewage inlet and a water outlet located on the tank body.The prefabricated septic tank mold is provided with a partition partitioning the tank body inside, and the partition is provided with a through hole. The pool mold is cylindrical, and the upper part is provided with an inspection port. Compared with ordinary pools, the structure is stronger and the bearing pressure is stronger. Multiple bins can be processed in stages and the effect is better. The septic tank is mainly used for processing Sewage tanks must be covered in order to avoid danger. Prefabricated septic tank molds are better for sewage treatment. There is no special requirement for filling soil during installation. Rolling transportation and installation are also possible, which greatly simplifies the operation. program.
This year, the production of prefabricated septic tank molds has reached more than half of domestic demand.Hebei is a production base specializing in the production of molds. Molds and steel molds are the main products. The output and sales occupy an important share in the national market! We are constantly improving ourselves. The continuous introduction of advanced technology has made the quality and use of the product reach a higher level. In order to better adapt to its industry, the prefabricated septic tank mold has developed better in size and specifications. Thousands of septic tank mold products have contributed to many of China's high-speed municipal engineering projects.At the same time, it has built a solid reputation in the field of designing production boxes for prefabricated septic tank mold products in China.
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