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Combined septic tank mould
Combined septic tank mould
Intensity is done with encapsulation treatment. Other actions include flushing or spilling corrosive chemicals such as pesticides into the septic tank system, cleaners and detergents. These substances kill bacteria to break down the substance. Frequently used garbage and flushing Articles made of paper towels, facial tissues or plastics can promote septic tank bacteria. This will cause malfunctions. The purpose of toilet paper is to degrade the material so it breaks down easily, so it should not cause problems under normal circumstances. The pond is built on the side of the road, and the heavy capacity of the septic tank cover must be fully taken into account. Vehicles and heavy equipment should not exceed the septic tank. The septic tank should be completely sealed and mixed with air entraining agent or water reducing agent. It has a good effect to improve the anti-seepage and anti-freezing performance, and it should be welded. If the seal is not tight, there will be odor and it is not conducive to the fermentation and septic of the septic tank. At the same time, if the seal is not tight, it will cause the sediment around the septic tank Falling to the septic tank will affect the normal work of the septic tank for a long time. The traditional septic tank is mainly a brick-concrete structure and a reinforced concrete structure. The manufacturing process is relatively simple, there is no technical content, and it is easy to leak and block. Low processing efficiency and bad, Not only does it not protect the environment, but it also brings a burden to the sewage treatment. The construction procedures are complex and the construction period is long, which cannot meet the requirements of the environmental protection department and the builder. Therefore, the market looks forward to a more suitable and perfect product to replace Traditional process. In this expectation, a new generation of combined septic tank mold was born. The unique characteristics of the raw materials unique to the new generation of septic tanks, light weight, no corrosion, no leakage The water treatment effect is good, the construction and installation are good, and the pit can be buried, which makes up for all the shortcomings of the traditional septic tank, and has been affirmed and praised by the environmental protection and construction departments at all levels.
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