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Septic tank mould
Septic tank mould
The septic tank mold was designed according to the engineering drawings at the time of manufacture, which is in line with actual use conditions. The biggest advantage of this mold is simple installation, fast demolding speed, and recyclable use. Compared with traditional molds, it does not require much installation. Steps, the mold product has high strength, smooth surface and good quality, long service life, and the size of the septic tank steel mold is standard with minimal errors.It has been widely recognized by customers across the country and is the latest product in the septic tank mold industry.
The septic tank mold is still square, with the top and bottom slightly smaller. If it is separated, it will be two trapezoids. When processing, two groove-shaped models are processed first, and then they are combined to become a finished product. This type of septic tank mold solves the shortcomings of traditional septic tank molds that are not resistant to corrosion and easy to leak and block, but the tightness is not good enough, and the general pressure resistance is not good enough to make large products. The septic tank mold is basically horizontal Cylinder, but the top and bottom are still designed to be flat. Wheel-shaped concave-convex heads have begun to be used. Because it is a cylindrical mold, products at this stage are generally connected by butt joints. The compressive performance of this product must be Better than the first stage, but the tightness of the product can be further improved, and the processing procedures of this product are complicated, which is not conducive to factory production. The septic tank mold is also called corrugated glass septic tank.
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