Septic tank mould
The septic tank mold was designed according to the engineering drawings at the time of manufacture, which is in line with actual use conditions. The biggest advantage of this mold is simple installation, fast demolding speed, and recyclable use. Compared with traditional molds, it does not require much installation. Steps, the mold product has high strength, smooth surface and good quality, long service life, and the size of the septic tank steel mold is standard with minimal errors.It has been widely recognized by customers across the country and is the latest product in the septic tank mold industry.
Septic tank steel mould
The septic tank steel mold itself is a container that collects dirt, and then degrades, transforms, and filters. The septic tank steel mold is cleaned because the capacity of the container is limited, and those materials that cannot be degraded for a long time must be cleaned out. Allow sufficient space for the septic tank to continue to collect and transform. The sludge settled in the steel mold of the septic tank undergoes anaerobic digestion for more than 3 months, and the organic matter in the sludge is decomposed into stable inorganic The sludge is easily transformed into stable mature sludge, which changes the structure of the sludge and reduces the moisture content of the sludge. The sludge is regularly removed for transportation, landfill or used as fertilizer.
Cement septic tank mould
Technology is the soul of an enterprise, so without its own independent technology, it is difficult for an enterprise to grow. Innovation is the source of enterprise development. Without innovation, enterprises still cannot stabilize in the fierce market. Innovation is a cement septic tank The best development direction of mold equipment, molds should change the production and management mode in a timely manner. It must conform to the new environment of the information and network age. Of course, in the process of innovation, we must also learn and master international laws and respect the intellectual property rights of foreign companies. To avoid trade disputes.
Cement septic tank steel mold
The molding cycle of the steel slab of the cement septic tank has been determined, and the number of solids produced each time has been set. The pressure and other parameters are fixed parameters. To increase the output of its bricks, we can only increase its output per unit time. .For example, the traditional production of bricks from the mold is mostly manual transfer of the produced bricks to the car. People work for a long time, which can cause fatigue, can not move the bricks in time, the newly pressed bricks appear. In this way, the brick is easily damaged and cannot be used.
Combined septic tank mould
Intensity is done with encapsulation treatment. Other actions include flushing or spilling corrosive chemicals such as pesticides into the septic tank system, cleaners and detergents. These substances kill bacteria to break down the substance. Frequently used garbage and flushing Articles made of paper towels, facial tissues or plastics can promote septic tank bacteria. This will cause malfunctions. The purpose of toilet paper is to degrade the material so it breaks down easily, so it should not cause problems under normal circumstances. The pond is built on the side of the road, and the heavy capacity of the septic tank cover must be fully taken into account. Vehicles and heavy equipment should not exceed the septic tank. The septic tank should be completely sealed and mixed with air entraining agent or water reducing agent. It has a good effect to improve the anti-seepage and anti-freezing performance, and it should be welded. If the seal is not tight, there will be an odor and it is not conducive to the fermentation and septic of the septic tank.
Prefabricated septic tank mould
The prefabricated septic tank mold includes a tank body and a sewage inlet and a water outlet located on the tank body.The prefabricated septic tank mold is provided with a partition partitioning the tank body inside, and the partition is provided with a through hole. The pool mold is cylindrical, and the upper part is provided with an inspection port. Compared with ordinary pools, the structure is stronger and the bearing pressure is stronger. Multiple bins can be processed in stages and the effect is better. The septic tank is mainly used for processing Sewage tanks must be covered in order to avoid danger. Prefabricated septic tank molds are better for sewage treatment. There is no special requirement for filling soil during installation. Rolling transportation and installation are also possible, which greatly simplifies the operation. program.
Water cell septic tank steel mould
The design and manufacture of steel molds for water cell septic tanks are closely related to material processing.The cost of material processing depends greatly on the effect and quality of mold design. For steel mold design of water cell septic tanks, consider the following factors: parting surface That is, the selection of the contact surface, position and form of the concave mold and the convex mold when the mold is closed is affected by factors such as the shape and appearance of the product, wall thickness, molding method, and demolding method. Structural parts, sliders for complex molds , Inclined top, straight top block, etc., and these designs are critical, related to the life of the mold and product quality. Therefore, the mold design should choose a more durable and more economical design solution. The steel septic tank steel mold has been developed to this day, in The shape does not change much.It is mainly a horizontal cylinder.The heads at both ends are generally designed with a concave and convex surface of mechanical properties.There are partitions inside the septic tank.The holes on the partitions are misaligned up and down, which is not easy to form short flow. Divide the entire tank into three parts.
Octagonal septic tank mould
The use of the octagonal septic tank mold not only effectively improves the renewable utilization rate of waste garbage such as fly ash, tailings slag, construction waste, industrial waste, slag, etc., creates huge economic benefits, realizes energy saving and waste, and turns waste into Bao's environmental protection development trend. At the same time, the environmentally friendly bricks produced have the advantages of good thermal insulation, high compression resistance, and environmental protection without pollution. They have been vigorously promoted and used by the country. All manufacturers have also responded to the call of government departments to septic in octagonal The technology of the pool mold is continuously innovated, and the reform of the new octagonal septic tank mold in the new era has been vigorously advanced. It is at the forefront of the market. I believe that soon we will see that the mold can be widely used and see how it can achieve a green ecology. City!

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For many years, our factory has been based on the business tenet of "sincerity-oriented, customer-oriented, quality-oriented". The products are not only keeping the traditional style, but also adapting to the needs of market development, and are constantly innovating and improving. Our factory has Strong technical strength and production capacity, is a green environmental protection high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of septic tank mold equipment, and has considerable experience in production and mature technology. Septic tank molds produced by our factory The product has the advantages of sturdy mold, economical cost, long service life, small thermal expansion coefficient, easy and quick demolding, convenient mobile construction, short time-consuming mold and chassis as a whole, etc., and has been deeply trusted and praised by new and old customers!

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